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With partnerships across the sector, including the UK National Health Service’s (NHS) Royal Papworth Hospital, Iceni Labs is developing cutting edge technology across the sector to save lives, reduce exposure risk and protect those protecting us.



Iceni Labs launched vertical farming technology company Liberty Produce and partnered with the UK AgTech centre Crop Health And Protection to develop and build a cutting-edge vertical farming R&D facility that has the potential to feed people in the most remote and austere environments.


Iceni Labs has worked with the UK Ministry of Defence to develop a range of technology that reduces risk to their personnel, including the SafeScan Tactical Sense-Through-The-Wall radar technology to allow operators to identify threats through barriers and increase their situational awareness.

2d Materials

Iceni Labs is developing cutting edge graphene technology. We are driving the commercialisation of CVD grown graphene through our innovations in microphone design.


Iceni Labs is developing technology to monitor the health of prisoners and give rapid alert to officers in the event of a medical emergency.


We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations develop new technologies, improve productivity and gain market share.

about us

Iceni Labs is committed to mission critical science; we develop and deploy cutting-edge solutions for a safer and more secure tomorrow.


Founded in 2013, Iceni Labs takes early stage technology from the lab to the market by partnering with outstanding academics and researchers and an extensive network of commercial experts.

“This technology is a game changer for our war fighter. It adds a new dimension to breaching and clearing buildings, searching for buried survivors and can be used to complement perimeter surveillance.”

US Army Evaluator