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Iceni Labs is developing cutting edge graphene technology. We are driving the commercialisation of CVD grown graphene through our innovations in microphone design.


Graphene offers important propositions for the enhancement of miniature audio microphones:


  • Higher sensitivity - graphene has the lowest diaphragm weight possible (over 15,000 times smaller than an equivalent silicon diaphragm).


  • Improved dynamic range - our novel open-ended designs provide an improved response in high-noise environments.


  • Improved frequency response - the low mass and uniform nature of the diaphragm will lead to a flat frequency response and improved quality factor.


  • Improved matching - using the highest quality graphene provides unrivalled matching at this form factor.


  • Lower production costs - in fabricating a microphone in this way, we also significantly reduce the manufacturing costs as both the number of processing steps and the complexity of the processing required is significantly reduced.

Smaller is better

Graphene offers an important proposition for the enhancement of miniature audio microphones. The advantage of a graphene membrane is that it is the lightest possible. There exists no theoretically lighter membrane that is stable in real-world situations. Graphene microphones will provide higher audio quality than existing technologies as the potential of graphene as a microphone diaphragm is well known, as the stresses and strains across the membrane are more uniform than in a silicon device.

Development of 2D Solutions

Iceni Labs is currently developing a range of solutions and applications in response to broad needs across sectors. We identify innovative ideas for exploration and validation before we develop them into viable technologies that are ready for investment, trials and full commercialisation.

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