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Iceni Labs is an innovation commercialisation enterprise, with integrated research, development, test and manufacturing capability. Inter-disciplinary by nature, we combine commercial expertise with academic excellence, across the Defence and Security, Energy, Health and Consumer sectors.

Our professional networks bridge artificial intelligence, automated creativity, electronics, energy, materials, nanotechnology and software.

We invent and innovate in-house, foster high-potential technologies, and aggregate capabilities globally, to produce innovative, disruptive products that deliver more than the sum of their parts.

By providing technical, executive, commercial and capital support, our Innovation-Exploitation Programme enhances value proposition and reduces risk exposure, while developing creativity, flexibility and robustness.

Our goal is for our ‘wrap around’ idea to patent to product approach to become recognised globally as a catalyst for successful innovation. We are bridging the challenging gap between ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’.


+44 20 7193 2933

Unit 1-4, Insight Park, Welsh Road East, Southam. CV47 1NE