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Iceni Labs is committed to mission critical science; we develop and deploy cutting-edge technologies and science to build a safer and more secure tomorrow.


Founded in 2013, Iceni Labs takes early stage technology from the lab to the market by partnering with outstanding academics and researchers and an extensive network of commercial experts.


We’re adept at identifying appropriate investment streams (primarily from local, national and international innovation grants) to accelerate the movement of novel ideas into technological solutions which attract commercial investment. This approach has allowed us to maximise value for inventors and provided substantially de-risked opportunities for our investors.


Since our founding, we’ve worked on a wide range of innovative projects across broad sectors. We have partnered with the UK National Health Service’s (NHS) Royal Papworth Hospital to accelerate the development of a non-contact device for monitoring vital signs of patients remotely. We have worked with MoD to develop technology that enables personnel to identify individuals through opaque structures without the requirement to physically enter in person or with surveillance equipment. We have designed the world's most sensitive and robust pressure sensor for the oil and gas industry. And we have built a cutting-edge vertical farm that has the potential to feed people in even the most remote and austere environments.


The common thread of our technologies is how they reflect our commitment to developing science and technologies for greater human security. From our facilities in London, Dundee and Southam we operate globally to deliver Mission Critical Science for a safer tomorrow.



Dr. Dylan Banks

Founder and CTO 

Dylan is a physicist and bio-engineer; he has held positions in business and technology commercialisation environments at Cambridge and Imperial College London. He has worked closely with the NHS, MoD and other agencies, developing novel technologies and systems.

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Dr. Rob Fenton
Director, R&D

Rob is an interdisciplinary R&D scientist and project manager, having held senior positions at GlaxoSmithKline, and more recently as the R&D Director at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Imperial College London.

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Paul Downes 
Operations Director

With over 20 years of operational and commercial transformation experience, focussing on effective operational governance and people development, Paul brings extensive operational knowledge and experience to his role as operational director at Liberty Produce.


Alexander Giles


Alexander was formerly CEO of Shephard Media, an international media company. He has worked at a government to government and company to government level across the Middle East, South East Asia, Europe and North America.

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