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Iceni Labs launched vertical farming technology company Liberty Produce to respond to the urgent need to challenge traditional agricultural practices that are harming the planet and failing to address pressing questions of food security.


Liberty Produce partnered with the UK AgTech centre Crop Health And Protection to develop and build a cutting-edge vertical farming R&D facility based at the James Hutton Institute. The Future Farming Hub facility offers testing, research development and integration capabilities in a total controlled environment agriculture (TCEA) commercial demonstrator system.


The Future Farming Hub enabled Liberty Produce to build the working model for the Liberator; a vertical farm that has the potential to grow fresh produce in even the most remote and austere environments, completely off grid. This vertical farm uses patented Liberty Produce technology including the ability to generate its own water supply, over 90% of which can be recycled. The Liberator has the potential to feed people in even the most remote and austere environments.

Liberty Lights

Liberty Lights for indoor and vertical farm environments have been designed to reduce CapEx and Opex costs whilst enabling farmers to significantly increase yield and turnover.


Opex costs are decreased through the reduction of light wastage, and reduced heating/cooling and ventilation load. The majority of existing lighting systems are air cooled via ventilation control, which requires significant capital expenditure. Liberty Lights are significantly

more efficient with water cooling.


Iceni Labs is currently developing a range of technology in response to broad needs across the agricultural sector specifically but not limited to it - the technology we’re developing here has huge potential across sectors (including Tactical ) as governments and individuals seek to tackle urgent questions of food security and climate change.


We identify innovative ideas for exploration and validation before we develop them into viable technologies that are ready for investment and full commercialisation.

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