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Iceni Labs is taking the outbreak of Coronavirus extremely seriously. We are focused on maintaining the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and partners during this global pandemic. With a small global team, we are already adept at working with one another remotely. This means that we are able to protect our team whilst ensuring continuity in these challenging times. 


Our internal measures are being reviewed daily with guidance from relevant Governments and the World Health Organisation (WHO). We are also ensuring that our internal guidelines are reflective of local guidelines wherever members of our team are based. We are replacing face-to-face meetings with digital interaction. Our staff have the equipment they need to work from home and we have set guidelines to ensure that we maintain our high levels of client and project confidentiality during this time.


We have established a policy defining our working protocols in response to the virus, including isolation for any employee with symptoms consistent with those published by the WHO and guidelines to reduce the risk of transmission. 


In addition, it is important to note that we are prioritising vital work that could be leveraged in the crisis. Iceni Labs has been committed to taking early stage technology from the lab to market. Given these extraordinary times, we have focused our efforts on taking the technology that will be most useful to the medical sector and are expediting the process of getting this technology into hospitals for use in this crisis.

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