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SafeCell Situation Awareness

SafeCell provides prison services with a much needed additional resource in the face of increasing inmate populations and ongoing fiscal constraints.  SafeScan Human Presence Detection technology provides prison officers with a cost effective capability to optimise situation awareness levels and improve reaction times to fast moving events.


SafeCell remotely identifies hidden voids, alerts prison officers to illegal gatherings of inmates, provides tactical support to rapid response units conducting anti-riot and/or hostage rescue operations.


This technology further contributes to the implementation of wider prison reform initiatives in the context of small workforces that are responsible to the welfare of prison populations at risk from violence and/or mental illness during incarceration. The SafeCell device has the ability to remotely monitor the respiration rate of prisoners who might be at medical risk

when alone in their cells.

Development of Iceni Justice Solutions

Iceni Labs is currently developing a range of technology in response to broad needs across the sector.


We identify innovative ideas for exploration and validation before sourcing the best partners to develop them into viable technologies that are ready for investment, trials and full commercialisation.

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