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Safescan Medical


The SafeScan RespiSense is a non-contact device offering medical staff the ability to monitor vital signs of patients remotely. The device continually remotely and non-invasively monitors the respiration rate of patients and has the capability to deliver this key information and alerts the medical team of changes in the patient’s respiration rate via any connected smart device.


The RespiSense reduces exposure of medical staff to potentially dangerous infections. The Covid-19 pandemic has given us an acute lesson in the level of exposure risk our medical professionals are facing. The RespiSense responds to the urgent need to reduce their levels of risk exposure to protect their lives as they protect ours.

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Safescan Medical

In January 2019, Iceni Labs commenced a 12 month clinical trial at Royal Papworth Hospital, designed to validate SafeScan’s non-contact, vital signs monitoring capability. The study was designed to ensure the accurate detection of sleep apnoea events. The ApniSense is a non-contact device offering medical personnel the ability to monitor vital signs of patients non-invasively and remotely.


Iceni Labs designed robust, reliable and highly sensitive algorithms to create an Ultra-Wideband, low power and low weight solution to enable the stand-off perception of status, attributes and dynamics of individuals through four years of development and successful trials.

Development of Iceni Medical Solutions

Iceni Labs is currently developing a range of technology in response to broad needs across the sector.


We identify innovative ideas for exploration and validation before sourcing the best partners to develop them into viable technologies that are ready for investment, clinical trials and full commercialisation.

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