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Iceni Labs Forms Strategic Partnership to Commercialise Innovative Graphene

18th December 2018

London, UK


Graphene molecules
Graphene molecules

Iceni Labs has signed a Letter of Intent outlining with a US-based graphene manufacturer for the express purpose of commercialising their unique graphene manufacturing capabilities. An investor covenant precludes the disclosure of the identity of the US company until June 2019.

Iceni Labs recognised that the US company has – for the first time since graphene was discovered in 2004 – developed a technology that allows them to mass produce large area graphene sheets in industrial quantities at a fraction of today's prices, a development that promises to revolutionise the use of graphene across sectors such as aerospace, defence, medical, automotive, and many others. The US company closed a major funding round in September which will ensure a rapid development roadmap through 2019.

Iceni Labs is already at the forefront of graphene industry with its development of innovative graphene microphones and sensors. This agreement allows both companies to leverage Iceni Labs' expertise to work with SMEs, major industrial partners and Universities on projects that require low cost, high-quality graphene.

Dr Dylan Banks, co-founder of Iceni Labs commented, “We have been working with our new partner

informally for eighteen months and have already been able to see for ourselves the quality of the graphene they can produce. To see the scale-up and cost reduction while maintaining production quality is unprecedented and very exciting. We are looking forward to sharing this breakthrough with new partners throughout Europe.”

About Iceni Labs

We develop new technologies and work with our partners to commercialise innovations and inventions. Our products are intuitive, connected and smart; our Innovation Escalator Programme provides a powerful combination of user-centred mechanical, electronic and software design with innovative and practical commercialisation strategies. Our clients and partners range from SME's to multinational corporations.

For further information contact:

Alexander Giles

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