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Liberty Produce and Partners awarded a £990,000 grant to revolutionise Vertical Farming

Crops growing inside a vertical farm
Crops growing in the Future Farming Hub at the James Hutton Institute

3rd January 2019

London, UK


Liberty Produce, a UK-based farming and technology company with expertise in horticultural

lighting and fertigation systems will lead a consortium of eleven partners in a £1.3m project

to accelerate the development of the UK vertical farming sector.

The grant, awarded by Innovate UK, will support the creation of an integrated technology

system focussed on reducing operational costs by 25%, improving crop yield by 30% and

reducing necessary grower intervention through improved decision support and automation

in lighting, nutrient and environmental control technologies.

New technologies will be evaluated within the Future Farming Hub, a vertical farming

commercial demonstrator established by Liberty Produce in partnership with Crop Health and

Protection (CHAP), and Iceni Labs and located at the James Hutton Institute, in Dundee,


Zeina Chapman, Director of Liberty Produce commented, “This project will provide step change

advances towards enabling vertical farming technologies. These systems could reduce

water usage, eliminate the use of agrochemicals and provide year-round local production. For

many crops, vertical farming is currently on the cusp of commercial viability. Improved

technology in this sector will increase the adoption of these sustainable food growing

systems, reduce the environmental impact of crop production, improve food security and

create opportunities for the growth and export of UK agricultural technologies.”

About Liberty Produce:

Liberty Produce is a farming and technology company, growing British produce year-round,

using a fully-controlled indoor vertical farming system. The Future Farming Hub develops

new and next-generation technologies that will provide commercial value and benefits to

growers. Their vision is to drive innovations that will enable the UK to meet our food

requirements over the next century, without harming the planet.

For further information contact:

Alexander Giles

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