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Non-Contact Sleep Apnoea Monitor Enters Clinical Trials

3rd January 2019

London, UK


Iceni Labs in partnership with the Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has begun an extensive six-month clinical trial to validate the newly developed SafeScan non-contact vital signs monitor. The study is designed to ensure that SafeScan can accurately detect sleep apnoea events replacing the need for the current cumbersome and uncomfortable body worn systems. The team plan to recruit over 400 patients at the Respiratory Support and Sleep Centre (RSSC) within Royal Papworth Hospital. This will be the first time the non-contact respiratory and movement system has been trialled against the standard contact systems.

Iceni Labs and the RSSC have been funded in this work by a £125,000 award from the Health Enterprise East, MedTech Accelerator which invests in innovative medical devices. Following the trial, it is expected that a hospital ready device will be available in early 2020 with a system for home use coming later in the year.

Dr Rob Fenton, Medical Director of Iceni Labs commented, “We are very pleased to be working alongside the Royal Papworth sleep team and excited at the prospect of developing a non-contact sleep apnoea monitoring device which will significantly improve the detection and subsequent management of this debilitating condition”

Dr Ian Smith, Director of the RSSC, said, “As the population ages and obesity is increasingly common more people are developing breathing problems in their sleep. Making a diagnosis of sleep apnoea in the normal home environment without disturbing sleep should be the gold standard but as yet no equipment has been available to deliver that. Safescan represents a great potential leap forward and we are delighted to be at the forefront of this development”

About Iceni Labs

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