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Silceni Awarded Ministry of Defence Innovation Funding to Further Graphene Research

Two people working in a lab
Members of the Silceni team at work at our UK laboratories

6th September 2018

London, UK


Silceni, a joint venture of Iceni Labs and Silson, has been awarded Ministry of Defence (MoD) innovation funding through the Defence & Security Accelerator (DASA) organisation, to research and develop next generation graphene microphones. The award, which is one of a number of projects funded under the UK Defence and Security Accelerator – Open Call, covers the development of ground-breaking graphene microphones within a prototype acoustic drone detection system. Dr Dylan Banks, Founder of Iceni Labs commented, “Over the next nine months we have set ourselves the challenge of producing the world’s most sensitive mass production capable microphones over the human range. The defence applications only begin with drone detection. We intend to prove their worth in shot detection, unattended ground sensors and any application where vastly improved acoustic performance is mission critical.”

About Iceni Labs

We develop new technologies and work with our partners to commercialise innovations and inventions. Our products are intuitive, connected and smart; our Innovation Escalator Programme provides a powerful combination of user-centred mechanical, electronic and software design with innovative and practical commercialisation strategies. Our clients and partners range from SMEs to multi-national corporations.

About Silson

Since 1994, Silson Ltd has been supplying ultra-thin membranes and related lithographic products to Corporations, Universities and Government Research Laboratories throughout the world. Products are extensively used within the x-ray and e-beam communities but additionally Silson is now able to offer a MEMS prototyping service.

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