SafeScan Tactical

With 90 per cent of the World’s population expected to inhabit dense and complex urban areas by 2050, armed forces must find new solutions for operating in highly contested environments.


Iceni Labs has developed the SafeScan Tactical device to respond to this need. This Sense Through The Wall (STTW) capability allows operators to identify individuals through barriers such as walls and doors without the requirement to physically penetrate a structure with personnel or surveillance equipment.


This next-generation solution can be directly applied across a range of security needs, including Small Unit Teams (SUTs) operating in highly contested environments, Special Operations Forces (SOF) to support direct action (DA), special reconnaissance (SR) and counter-terrorism (CT) missions.


All require enhanced levels in Situation Awareness (SA) to not only ensure the

highest levels in survivability but also lethality. The SafeScan Tactical provides these enhanced levels of SA that personnel need to deliver successful missions with reduced risk.


The Liberator is a vertical farm that has the potential to grow fresh produce in even the most remote and austere environments and operate completely off grid. This vertical farm uses patented technology including the ability to generate its own water supply, over 90% of which can be recycled. The Liberator, therefore, has significant implication and potential as a Tactical solution.

Development of Iceni Tactical Solutions

Iceni Labs is currently developing a range of technology in response to broad needs across the sector.


We identify innovative ideas for exploration and validation before sourcing the best partners to develop them into viable technologies that are ready for investment, trials and full commercialisation.